Welcome to my homepage
Hi, my name is Michel and I'm 13 years old.
This page is currently under construction but I'll
have it up in no time. Then I will place music and
pics and stuff on my homepage.

Somebody asked me to put a pic of myself on this page but I can't find any normal pics right now so it will take a while. But I don't look like this, because someone once told me that I did look like this
If some parts of this page are in Dutch, or if
something else is wrong let me know.

Favourite links

Bone Thugs ~n~ Harmony
This is a very phat site for people who like Bone Thugs ~n~ Harmony

Incoming mailbomb
This is a site for people who just can't get a mailbomb program.

This is a very funny site about a new game, check it out.

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